High Quality Hand Control (Without Remote) (Colour as per Stock)

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We offers this highly detailed free-wheeling police helicopter toy collection. This miniature vehicle will be a perfect addition to your child's toy collection. Open your children's eyes to an exciting world of adventure and discover our emergency and commercial vehicles.

Key Attributes

Colour: Red

Material: Plastic

Dimenstion: (W)105mm x (H)175mm

Contains: 1 Helicopter , 1 Charger

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  1. SAFE and CUTE FUN FLYING TOY HELICOPTER: The Helicopter is an engineering marvel with advanced LED infrared sensor technology, inductive suspension and collision protection. Built-in gyroscope control accuracy and sensitivity making good balance. Put your hand underneath to control it in the air for interactive play. Control its landing or flying with the any infrared red remote such as your TV. Light weight, easy to fly with simple operation, especially designed for beginners.
  2. MULTIPLE PROTECTION: 1. Flying protection: The Helicopter automatically senses the objects underneath and flies away 2. Power-on protection: It remains stationary for 3 seconds to ensure safety when you switch it on 3. Collision protection: When the Helicopter falls down to ground or collides, it stops whirling 4. Environmental protection: non-toxic material 5. Automatic power-off function when charging is complete.
  3. RECHARGEABLE LED LIGHT HELICOPTER: Flashing LED light plus an actual helicopter design that emits shining lights when switched on. Great visual appeal for kids and adults. Connect it to a USB connector for 20-25 minutes to recharge. Fantastic LED flying helicopter toy
  4. Drone like stability. No remote control (rc) required but try different remotes such as TV or Set top box for enhanced fun :)

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