Chocolates gifts

Birthday Chocolate Explosion Box

849 999 15% off

Cadbury Chocolates Hamper in Gift Box

319 399 20% off

Cadbury Choclairs Gold Toffees in Gift Box

162 249 35% off

Assorted Chocolate Bars in a box

639 799 20% off

Trifold Handmade Card for Love

350 699 50% off

Pop Up Twisted card for MOM

350 699 50% off

Love Chocolate Explosion Box

489 699 30% off

Five Star Chocolates Arragement

659 1099 40% off

Dumbble shaped five star

769 1099 30% off

Two Layer Assorted Chocolate Arrangement

839 1199 30% off

Two Layer Assorted Chocolate Arrangement

895 1399 36% off

Flavour of 3 different chocolate layer

979 1399 30% off

Chocolates are the perfect assortment of love, emotions and ultimate flavours. These chocolates are crafted with intense care under the supervision of world-class chefs and artisans. Right from the beginning of selecting ingredients to the crafting and packaging of the chocolates with gorgeous wrapping ideas, everything is handled with proper ease and care.

Holding years of experience in creating handcrafted chocolates, our chefs are the among the most popular chefs of the world.