Select the most lovable gifts for your teachers

The teachers were often called as Gurus, in the ancient era. Even in this modern period, the teachers are treated like the Gurus and their Shishyas show them respects and their gratitude on this auspicious day, called Teacher’s day. It falls on every September 5th, the day of Guru Purnima, according to Hindu mythology. The day has a great significance where students give their contributions to in different way to express the respect they have for their teachers. It is the best day to thank your favorite teacher for his teachings and motivation. The teachers play an important role in the students’ life. They teach them the moral values, mannerism, and most importantly the difference between the right and the wrong. A research has proved that 70% of the things we learn in our life is all from our teachers. We spend almost half of our day, approximately 8 hours, with our teachers, whether we are in the school or in the college.

Become a special student, This Teacher’s day!

Our gifts, especially designed for male and female teachers on this Teacher’s Day range from cute coffee mugs, personalized photo-frames and cushions to flowers, chocolates and greeting cards.

We value your thoughts!

I am pretty much sure that your efforts will be given a big value after gifting your teacher the most loving gifts, choose any one of them that fits with your pocket without breaking your bank:

Desk accessories: the new collection of desk accessories will definitely impress your favorite teacher, you can choose any one of the items (wallet/purse, pen, bag etc.). Moreover, these items are always useful and are perfect to remind someone about you.

A personalized notepad with a graceful pen: we all know that instructors keep on thinking hundreds of things in their mind. Help them stay organized with a personalized notepad where they can write their schedule or any other thing that they want to remember and make their life a bit easier.


You can also gift them statues of Buddha, Lord Krishna or any other god they believe in, it will help them keep calm and stay peaceful after long teaching hours.


Create a special place by gifting your teacher, a good luck charm, like bamboo plants. Exclusive combos available with personalized mugs where you can give him or her a personalized touch.

There are hundreds of personalized gifts to make the day glorious. The teachers always keep stuck to the books, exam papers or assignments. Gift them a personalized gift and help them release their stress. You can gift them a personalized clock, coffee mugs, photo frames, key chains etc. along with a thank you note.

Honor your teacher with an incredible gift!

No matter what you gift, your teacher will always thrilled to be reminded how thankful and appreciated they are by their students and their parents.