Share your bond and love with your mothers on this Mother’s day

Mother’s day in India is celebrated on 12th, May while in UK, it is celebrated on every 4th Sunday in the month of March, every year. No matter what’s the date, things that matter is the feeling you have for your mother.

Motherhood, where care begins!

You should always be grateful to your mothers as they are the only beings that remain with you forever with the same love and affection they carried for you at the time you came in this world. Someone has well said, “God cannot be everywhere with everyone, so he created mothers with the same affection he holds for his humankind”. Mothers are the most beautiful blessing for us. These lovely ladies take care of their kids from the day they conceive till they give birth and until their last breaths. A mother protects you from every problem and from everything that can harm you. She can be loving and can be terrible at times. All she thinks about you and only you without thinking about herself. She cries when you cry, she laughs when you laugh. She starts getting worried from the very moment you gets apart from her. Her body may stay apart from you but her heart remains thinking about you. You may stop thinking about her when you get along with your friends, but she never stops talking and thinking about you even when she is along with her friends. She can fight with anything or anyone to protect you from the worst. She takes every possible steps and decisions to give you the best upbringing. The best part of her is she prepares the tastiest food than anyone else.

A child is incomplete without her mother, and a mother is incomplete without her child!

Why not celebrate this auspicious day with presenting a beautiful and a lovely gift to your mother along with lots of kisses and hugs?

These 4 perfect gift ideas will make your day more motherly: